Australian Sandalwood

$ 15

One of the most in-demand fragrances around the world, Australian Sandalwood is used across a variety of perfumes, cosmetics, soaps, and now aromatherapy. 

Buddhists believe that Sandalwood enhances their meditation practice, helping them to transcend this dimension to cross into others.


Anxiety & Depression management
Increased energy levels / fights fatigue
Aids digestion
Aphrodisiac / Libido
Promotes better sleep / Insomnia management

Compatible with All Incense Falls Burners

When burned, all of our incense cones produce a warm & soothing scent that helps the overworked mind and induces a state of relation.

These incense cones are specially designed to condense their smoke in a hollow chamber to create the effect of a magical waterfall-like flow of smoke.

All incense cones that we offer work for any incense burner you chose.

We take pride in only providing incense cones that are made naturally with no synthetic fragrances. 


  • Each box contains about 35 incense cones.
  • An individual incense cone burns for about 20 minutes.